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Cancelling your bond..

06 Nov 2018
Buying property is a long-term commitment that cannot be based on short-term decisions.No pressure!Take the time you need to make a well informed decision.

Looking for a holiday home

06 Nov 2018
Time spent in one place can have you feeling cranky and having to spend on holiday accommodation expenses every 6 months may not make sense to you.

Should you rent or buy?

06 Nov 2018
Even if you can afford to buy,it doesn't always mean that you should.Weigh your long terms goals on why you want that property and what you want to do with it.

How to calculate Capital Gain Tax

05 Nov 2018
There aren't any requirements as to how often you're supposed to have your property evaluated but it's always great to know, to help you improve it if need be.

Changes in the residential real estate market

05 Nov 2018
It is a basic human right to have access to adequate housing but it's a personal achievement to afford yourself the house that you feel you deserve.

Disclosing defects on property

05 Nov 2018
Defects on any property are normal,just like humans,they age too.Leaving it as is or choosing to improve it will determine how much it's sold for.

What are a purchaser's rights

05 Nov 2018
Having tenants while you weigh your options is a good idea,who would refuse a quick buck like this.But what are we not discussing?

Liability at a show house viewing

05 Nov 2018
The big moment is finally here!You've opened your home for viewing and just might be meeting your potential buyer today.

Sales Tip

05 Nov 2018
It's not all up to your realtor to close the sale,your property tells your buyers everything you could never tell them yourself.

Do I qualify for first time buyer benefits?

05 Nov 2018
Imagine if banks could qualify all of to owning the property of our dreams. That's the ideal but it's also still very much possible.
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