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The role of conveyancing attorneys

24 Oct 2019
Who they are, what they do, and why they are involved in property transfers

Sell in the prevailing market conditions or wait and see

19 Aug 2019
We are often asked this leading question. It depends largely on the seller's circumstances and his motivation to sell now, as opposed to in the future.

How to Save Water in Your Garden

11 Dec 2018
The change in climate has left us with the infrequent delight of rainfalls.Without hiking the water bill at home,here are a few helpful tips for you

Acquiring assets on behalf of your children

06 Nov 2018
It is every parents dream to give their children the childhood and privileges that you did not have.

Overseas investment

06 Nov 2018
Generating additional cash flow in another currency,shield against inflation and tax benefits.

Electrical compliance certificate

06 Nov 2018
For insurance purposes and to put the purchasers mind at ease,we need to verify that all electrical work is in accordance to the national standards.

Sale registration prerogative

06 Nov 2018
In any sale,all parties anticipate a quick and efficient sale where everyone has equal opportunities and exceptions.

Deciding on demolishing your property or making major renovations

06 Nov 2018
The chance to finally improve the livability of your property is finally here but even though the house is in your name,the final decision does not rest on you.

Property purchase for investment purposes

06 Nov 2018
The cost of living hasn't proved to be affordable this year.Business isn't for everyone but perhaps real estate could be for you.

Property purchasing defects

06 Nov 2018
Not disclosing defects on the property will affect the sale and may even lead to long court battles.
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